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Diagnostics and Clinical Support

Our Diagnostics and Clinical Support (DCS) Division employs over 1500 staff members in Radiology, AHPs, MSK, Pain Management and Rheumatology; Clinical Laboratory Medicine; Pharmacy; Clinical Outpatients and Patient Administration (Booking and Medical Records).

The majority of staff within DCS are allied health professionals, biomedical scientists, pharmacists and  nurses. As well as the medical services that are provided across the Trust, there are dedicated and crucial teams working behind the scenes to deliver vital support services to the main clinical areas and the day to day running of the Trust.

Clinical Laboratory Medicine (Pathology)

The Clinical Laboratory Medicine team provides laboratory testing services to the East Lancashire area.  We use highly specialist analysers and testing methods, and work to an International Standard for quality in medical laboratories.

The laboratories are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year staffed by a dedicated team of Biomedical Scientists, Pathologists and Laboratory Assistants.

Providing rapid testing services to Critical care, Maternity and Accident and Emergency departments in particular.

The services provided include:

  • Biochemistry –  the study of the biochemical mechanisms of the body in relation to disease
  • Haematology –  the study of  blood to identify disorders and abnormalities of coagulation.
  • Transfusion – involves the identification of blood groups and testing the compatibility of donor blood with that of patients.
  • Microbiology – the study of disease causing micro-organisms – bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.
  • Histology – the study of tissues for the diagnosis of diseases, including cancers
  • Andrology – the study of male fertility

Our staff are our most valuable resource, and we’re committed to continual staff development and the use of the latest techniques.

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Speech and Language Therapy

We provide Speech and Language Therapy to adults over the age of 16 across Lancashire in their own homes, in hospital, outpatient clinics, nursing and residential homes.

Our qualified and registered Speech and Language Therapists treat a range of acquired disorders of communication and swallowing, including neurological conditions & progressive disease, stroke, acquired brain injury, adults with head & neck cancer and adults and children with voice disorders.

Speech and language therapists work as part of a multidisciplinary team alongside other health professionals such as GPs, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and nursing staff, to exchange information about the background and progress of patients.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is a service provided to people whose ability to function in daily life has been disrupted. This may be due to physical illness or injury, developmental problems, the ageing process or mental health.
Occupational Therapy aims to assist each individual to achieve a safe, independent and fulfilling lifestyle.

We are able to offer advice and rehabilitation to help people achieve the activities which matter to them.  These may include personal care (feeding, dressing, toileting and bathing), domestic tasks, work, leisure or play activities, posture and positioning (supportive seating, wheelchairs), equipment provision and environmental adaptations to your home.

Here at East Lancashire Hospital NHS Trust we have a range of opportunities for people wanting to work for us both in unqualified and qualified positions.

Newly qualified Occupational Therapists are supported through the preceptorship model and we offer rotational posts in both acute hospitals and community settings (including stroke care, orthopaedics, acute medical and posts in our community therapy teams) along with static posts for those wishing to stay in one clinical area.

Within this trust we have occupational therapists working in a variety of areas including Hand Therapy, Rheumatology, Acute Medicine, Falls Response Service, Integrated Discharge Services, Emergency Department and Medical Assessment Units, Community Hospitals, Community Therapy Teams, Intensive Home Support Services, Orthopaedics, Surgery and with amputees in our Vascular Unit. Occupational Therapists are also starting to take up non-traditional roles such as in Occupational Health and Wellbeing Service and as Integrated Neighbourhood Co-ordinators.

Staff support, training and development is very important to us and we’re able to offer our staff regular supervision and training both within therapies and through the wider trust training.

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East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust’s Pharmacy staff provide a Comprehensive Pharmacy Dispensing Service for In-patients and Outpatients. Staff within this service have the opportunity to gain knowledge through training, which involves the use of case studies, simulations and question and answer sessions, as well as one-to-one support where required. Ward based pharmacists are also available to provide support and information to all clinical staff regarding prescribing decisions.


Our Radiology team provides Diagnostic and Therapeutic Imaging Services for East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust. Images are obtained using a wide variety of specialist equipment and techniques, operated by a skilled team of Radiographers, Radiologists and Assistant Practitioners.

We have a fully embedded four Tier AHP structure with two Consultant Radiographers now in post and plans to increase this further.

The Radiology team is committed to staff development and job satisfaction and we believe that investment in people promotes a happy and efficient workforce.

The imaging types available within this service are Plain Film Radiology (X-Rays); Fluoroscopy; Ultrasound (Obstetric, General, Vascular and MSK) CT Scan (Computerised Tomography); MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging); Nuclear Medicine, Angiography and Intervention and Breast Imaging (Screening and Symptomatic).

The trust has invested several million pounds in imaging equipment over the last 5 years and we have some of the most advanced systems available. This supports the ability to undertake some very interesting and exciting procedures.

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