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Organisation policy

Please consider
•    Data Protection Act (DPA)
•    Freedom of Information Act (FOI)
•    Information Governance
•    Patient Confidentiality


Technical details


We do not make use of cookies to collect any private or personally identifiable information.
The technical platform of this website, WordPress, does use cookies solely to aid the proper technical functioning of the website. The cookies used by WordPress in no way collects or discloses any personal information about you as a visitor.

Note also our statement on analytics software below – as analytics software also uses cookies to function.


Data retention policy

Our platform, Sitekit CMS, operates with a clear data-retention policy in order to comply with the Privacy Enhancing Technology guidance from the Information Commissioner. This means that data has predefined time limits for storage and is only retained by the system for as long as it is considered useful.


Server statistics

Like almost all websites, we have access to server statistics which provide aggregate statistics on bandwidth and server load. This load data is used to manage bandwidth effectively and for billing purposes. It is important for us to collect and monitor this information because we pay for a server bandwidth allowance and are liable for the costs of increases beyond our allowance.

The server statistics are not designed to collect any individually identifiable information and the reports we receive are generally numerical and in graph format.

Alongside the server statistics, our Content Management System, WordPress, collects information on: popular search terms used on the website, which we have access to in order to arrange our pages better; visitor path information, which we have access to for future design considerations; and download popularity (numerical by month), which we use to organise any file libraries better.



Like most websites, we make use of analytics software in order to help us understand the trends in popularity of our website and of different sections. We make no use of personally identifiable information in any of the statistical reports we use from this package.

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